was born in Milano in 1961. Nowadays, he lives and works in São Joâo del-Rei – MG (Brazil).

Autodidact, he started to expose his paintings in collective exhibitions in 1990, in Italy (Milano, Roma, Vicenza, Ancona, Padova, Bologna, Bergamo and Lodi) and abroad (Miami, Ginevra, Nizza).

His painting is inspired by music, in a magic encounter between sonorous and visual impressions, vibrations and emotions, symphonies and colours. According to Boletti, music is art, his paintings are music. Letting the eye space through the fantastic colours and lines of his paintings, one can feel the rhythm coming from that piano, that guitar…

Guido uses his paintbrush to express the music he feels within him and the music that he wishes to sing is born as a visual medium. Using colours, shapes, technique and style as if they were the instruments of one great orchestra his music is portrayed on canvas.

The same musicality can be found in his works dedicated to the myth of the African tribe Yorubà and to its development in Brasil and Cuba. It tells the legend of Exù, messenger of the Orixàs, mediator between men and gods. Exù listened to all the stories of the people and to all the pains of human beings and gods.The Yoruba pantheon in America has about twenty Orixas and, both in Brasil and in Cuba, every orixa is celebrated nationally.

Among his personal exhibitions are Torino, Albissola, Chiavari, Piacenza, Bologna, Moncalieri, Geneva e Belo Horizonte(Brasil).
Some of his works are exposed in Lodi at “Teatro alle Vigne” , at the Diocesan Museum of Holy Art, at the M.i.M. (Museum in Motion) of San Pietro in Cerro (PC).

His work includes jewels, artistic glasses and pottery, silk-screen, as well as illustrations for books and CDs.